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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
Almost 4.000 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

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Sumi releases a groundbreaking AI tool – clarity to the recycling of packaging and producer responsibility around the clock 

Sumi and twoday AI Works have developed Finland’s first free AI-based service bot, which helps companies learn about the ins and outs of producer responsibility for packaging and recycling in general. The AI Agent service bot was released for use on the Sumi website at the beginning of November. 

There is currently a dire need for easily absorbable information about producer responsibility for packaging, because the statutory one-million-euro turnover limit for the producer responsibility will be removed, extending the responsibility to cover 30,000 new companies. Producer responsibility organisation Sumi Oy wants to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to assist new companies that are still learning about their obligations.

“Earlier on, the producer responsibility for packaging only applied to large companies, to whom the arrangement already is familiar. With the responsibility being extended to cover smaller companies, too, at the start of next year, we wanted to provide them with an easy way to get information. That said, the AI bot can of course be used by all of our customers and partners as well as anyone with an interest in producer responsibility and recycling,” says Sumi’s Managing Director Mika Surakka

The Sumilis

The advanced AI Agent tool developed by the Finnish company twoday AI Works utilises a language model that has been trained with a wealth of material, which makes conversations with the AI Agent natural and intuitive. The AI finds the information from the online materials on the websites of Sumi and its partners, the open databases of authorities and the legislation available on the Finlex service, for example.

“We are very excited about the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence, and the AI Agent in particular. Sumi was very enthusiastic in getting involved in the project as the first organisation in its field and provided us with an excellent reference,” says twoday AI Works’ Managing Director Jyrki Narvanto, praising Sumi’s efforts.

For those looking for information, the AI Agent presents itself through the cartoon characters called the Sumilis. Anyone visiting the Sumi website can type in messages to the Sumilis, which then use their information resources to respond to even the most difficult questions around the clock, all year round. 

“The most important benefit of the AI Agent is its ability to answer the questions of our customers at all times and help them resolve problems without delay. For example, business owners do not typically have time to pore over legal texts or surf online looking for information. The tool also significantly reduces the flood of telephone calls and e-mails,” says Sumi’s Account Manager Janne Teliranta, who is responsible for the project. 

The current artificial intelligence of the AI Agent in use at Sumi is being developed and taught based on experiences and data obtained from the system, such as frequently asked questions. 
“Our objective is to create a comprehensive databank that benefits the entire field and can be used by companies of all sizes to find a wide range of information on producer responsibility,” Surakka summarises. 
“We want to provide our customers with added value through our services, and this solution is an excellent example,” Teliranta adds. 

Test the service bot and ask questios from the Sumilits at:

More information:   

Mika Surakka, Managing Director, Sumi Oy 
Tel. +358 400 197 848   

Jyrki Narvanto, Managing Director, twoday AI works 
Tel.  +358 400 800 658 


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