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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
Almost 4.000 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

You can take care of your producer responsibility for packaging together with Sumi Ltd

Sumi Ltd is a non-profit authorized producer responsibility organization for packaging, responsible for the execution of statutory producer responsibility for almost 4 000 companies. Its main tasks include organizing a collection network and recycling for all packaging, as well as advancing the recyclability of packaging in Finland.

A company with producer responsibility for packaging is responsible for the entire process of collection and recycling of their packaging waste as well as all related costs. The producers must meet the recycling objectives and requirements for packaging waste in Finland set by legislation.

The easiest way for a company to cover its producer responsibility is by joining a producer responsibility organization, in which case the producer responsibility is transferred to the producer organization. The agreement is made between the producer and the producer responsibility organization.

Finnish Package Recycling RINKI Ltd is acting as our service company also in the future. For example, managing agreements, collecting packaging data and invoicing recycling fees are services that will continue to be provided by RINKI.

Producers who don’t have a running agreement for the packaging producer responsibility can join Sumi Ltd here.

According to the Waste Act from July 2021, a packaging producer responsibility organization must cover all packaging materials. Thus, producer responsibility organizations for just one packaging material, which was the standard earlier, no longer exist.  One result of the amendment is that a producer company must have a producer responsibility transfer agreement covering all packaging with only one producer responsibility organization at the latest 1 January 2025. The old agreements made through RINKI were joint agreements, with Sumi as the contracting party for plastic packaging producer responsibility. The change in the legislation requires updating the agreement.

Producers who do have an agreement at the moment can get all the requisite agreements done with us already from the start of 2025. This, however, requires that you to take action by 30 June 2024 the latest. Please read the agreement terms, complete the agreement form and send it to us. We will take care of all the necessary changes on your behalf in one go.

We are ready to take care of producer responsibility for all packaging

Sumi is building the strongest network in the business to accelerate the collection, recycling and reuse of all packaging. In line with our values, our goal is to be an executor, developer and integrator. We are creating services, that are for the producers easy to use and are cost-efficient. Cooperation with the service providers is a top priority. All operations must be open and transparent.

For the recycling of plastic packaging, we have a contract in effect with Fortum Waste Solutions Oy. For the recycling of glass packaging we have a contract with RINKI. They again have contract with various terminals and recycling plants. Our contracted collection terminals are, as a common practise, also taking care of the recycling of metal, and paper and cardboard packaging. Wooden packaging is not collected directly from households, instead, the majority of recycled wooden packaging is from the trade and industry

We have developed our collection terminal network for plastic packaging to be very efficient and quality oriented. The same fine tuning approach is taken with terminals for the other packaging materials. Quality, handling and reporting guidelines for waste coming and going out is thoroughly reviewed with our partner terminals.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any questions regarding contracts, please contact Janne Teliranta, tel: +358 40 525 0550


By the Agreement, a producer assigns its packaging producer responsibility obligations under the waste legislation to the Producer Responsibility Organisation.

Note that foreign producers established in another country than Finland should use “Agreement B”. Please asks for more information via email or read more here.

Finnish producers can download the “Agreement A” below and complete it with their company information and then send the signed document: and
Thank you!

Who is a producer?

Producer responsibility is a legal obligation for companies that pack products in Finland or import packed products to Finland or sell their products to Finland through distance sales. A company is also responsible for its packaging if the packing or logistics has been outsourced to another company.

Currently the reporting and recycling fee obligations are applicable only for producers with more than 1 M€ turnover. This limit will however disapear by 1.1.2024.

In addition to packaging, the Waste Act covers producer responsibility for tyres of motor vehicles, cars, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators as well as paper products.

About Sumi Ltd

Read more about us here and find out who are the persons taking care of your producer responsibility of packaging.


Finnish Package Recycling RINKI Ltd is a service company for producer organisations in the packaging sector, for companies with producer responsibility and for Finnish consumers. RINKI takes care e.g:
* managing the producer agreements
* official registration of the producers
* collecting packaging data
* invoicing recycling fees
* the network of eco take-back points for consumers
* offering advice on sorting and recycling.

Recycling fee?

The recycling fee charged by RINKI is used to fund:
* the network of eco take-back points for consumers adn related transportation of packaging waste
* the network of terminals for receiving packaging waste, where material is received free of charge
* the transportation of materials from the terminals to the waste treatment plant
* recycling materials or turning them into raw material for new products.

More information and the price lists on the RINKI websites.