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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
More than 2.700 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

Sumi Oy (prev. Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd.) was founded to promote recycling of used plastic packaging in Finland.

The new waste and packaging legislation from 2011 and 2014 increased the producer responsibility in Finland. The new legislation from 2021 is being implemented with changes beginning 1.7.2022. Our main targets and obligations are:

  • provide  bring stations for household packaging
  • provide collection terminals for curb side collected household packaging
  • provide recycling and recovery for collected household packaging
  • provide collection terminals for trade & industry packaging
  • recycle 50 % in 2025
  • communicate information on the collection network and benefits of recycling

The producer responsibility

Companies with a turnover more than 1 million euros, are subject to an extended responsibility, which for example include registration to a producer organization or the competent Authority. This is about to change with the newer legistlation.

The producer responsibility legislation defines as producers companies that pack their products or import packed products. Companies that use so called service packaging, like wrappings for sandwiches or boxes for salads, packaging that is used at the point of sales, are also producers. More about producer responsibility at

We have contracts with following service providers

Fortum Waste Solutions Oy: Sorting and recycling of household waste
Suomen PakkauskierrätysRINKI Oy: Registration services for producers and operations of the bring station network shared with other packaging materials
More than 60 local operators: Terminal and transport services 

International membership

Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd. is member of EPRO (, an organization that actively promotes best practices for recycling and recovery of plastic packaging.

Contact information

Managing director
Mr Mika Surakka
+358 400 197 848

Director (development)
+358 50 434 5827

Director (customers)
Mr Janne Teliranta
+358 40 525 0550

Materials Manager
Mrs Eeva Hanni
+358 50 300 9576

Communications and administrative assistant
Mrs Emma Merikallio
+358 50 300 2887

Recycling coach
Mrs Katja Laitinen
+358 50 407 3959

P.O.Box 4, FI-00131 Helsinki 

Sorting guidelines for household packaging

  • All kind of plastic packaging used in households
  • No trade & industry packaging is allowed
  • No plastic products are allowed
  • Packaging shall be empty, rinsed and dried if required
  • Closures, pumps, caps and similar parts of the packaging shall be removed and put
    separately in the collection.
  • Packaging of different plastics shall not be put tightly within each other. The automatic
    sorter is reading the outer packaging only.
  • Packaging containing dangerous substances belongs to the collection system arranged by
    municipals. For ex. cans earlier containing oil cannot be allowed in the
    collection of household packaging.

Collection terminals for trade and industry

The terminal service is free of cost if quality specifications are meet. Various terminals may have different access to recycling options. Therefore received packaging waste may also be energy recovered.

Sorting guidelines for trade & industry packaging

  • All kind of separated used plastic packaging. Please, check with the terminal for
    more details
  • Packaging shall be empty, rinsed and dried if required. Please, check with the terminal
    for more details
  • No plastic products or in-house waste is allowed
  • Packaging containing dangerous substances belongs to the collection system arranged by
    the municipals. For ex. cans of oil cannot be emptied well enough to be allowed
    in the collection.

Invoicing information

E-invoicing information for cost invoices:
Sumi Oy, VAT nr FI09054021
E-invoice address: 003709054021
Operator: Apix Messaging Oy 
Operator address: 003723327487

Invoicing by email to:
Sumi Oy

Please, make sure the email address is also in the address field of the invoice
and please state order number/name as a reference

Invoicing by mail to:
Sumi Oy
P O Box 16122

Invoicing information updated 16.5.2022