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New contracts with terminals for consumer packages

Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd tendered the property collection terminals receiving consumers’ plastic packaging. The new contract period will run from the spring of 2023.

Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd’s terminal tendering, which started in October, has been concluded, and the partners have been selected. Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd has sent the agreement texts to the terminals for comments.  The agreements will be signed during the end of autumn and will enter into force in spring 2023, well in time before the municipal collection obligation starts. The terminal listing will be posted on Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd’s website once the agreements have been signed.

The public sector agreement connected to the New Waste Act imposes new kinds of obligations on consumer packaging terminals, which is the reason why all the agreements were updated. For instance, new measures that relate to ensuring quality are required of terminals. The majority of terminals are private companies.

The tendering for packaging material collection terminals will start towards the end of the year.

Plastic packaging collection rates will further increase

As of July 2023, properties with five or more apartments must organise separate plastic packaging collection. The municipality’s contractual operator collects the packaging from the properties’ sorting containers and delivers them to the consumer packaging terminals. In accordance with the legislation, the municipalities shall decide which operator handles the collection. Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd tendered the terminal partners.

“The terminal tendering went smoothly, and a competent and cost-efficient operator was found for nearly every area. We are still looking for a partner in Northern Finland in the Lapeco and Kolari municipality areas,” says Recycling Coach Katja Laitinen.

For additional information, please contact:

Katja Laitinen, Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd

+358 50 407 3959