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Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
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The new edition of the Recycling Heroes activity book is available

A new and updated version of the Recycling Heroes activity book has been printed to be distributed to children in third and fourth grade, both in Finnish and Swedish. The activity book is a continuation of the Recycling Heroes activity book published in 2019, which sold out.

You can play the Recycling Heroes game accompanying the activity book at https://kierrä The game teaches concrete recycling skills, such as the sorting of waste. The Recycling Heroes game is aimed especially at children in primary school.

The game contains information, sorting instructions and various hands-on games and quizzes. These deal with the recycling of plastic, cardboard, glass and wood packaging and of paper, metal, electric appliances, batteries, cars and tyres. By completing the exercises, the player collects stars and can rise from a novice to a recycling superhero.

The website is aimed at children in primary school, but anyone from children in pre-primary school to adults can use it to learn about recycling. The website is free to use, no registration is required and the exercises can be done using any device.

Due to public demand, the Recycling Heroes activity book (2019) was also translated into English. You can find the PDF files for the activity books on the website of Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd.

For additional information, please contact:

Katja Laitinen, Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd

+358 50 407 3959