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New requirements for producers: Single-Use Plastics (SUP) 

The European Union passed a SUP (Single-Use Plastics) directive in June 2019. Its aim is to prevent and reduce the impact of single-use plastic products on the environment and on people’s health. The environmental focus in on waterways, because a significant part of plastic waste that accumulates on shores consists of single-use plastics. Also, the directive aims to promote circular economy, among other things. 

As a producer responsibility organization, we have been working on SUP legislation for years, together with other stakeholders. We have been actively in interaction with Finnish authorities, and have participated in European Commission workshops in Brussels since 2019. 

Attention to details – new law already partially in effect 

Producers subject to producer responsibility should be careful with the new requirements and guidelines, as they affect company operations and the choices they make. SUP legislation is already partially in effect. In March 2022, the Ministry of the Environment and certain organizations signed a so-called Green Deal agreement, which is voluntary and aims to reduce the consumption of single-use food packages. The enforcement of the directive was supplemented by a government proposal to amend the waste act that was submitted to parliament in September 2022. The parliament approved the amendment on 29.11.2022. 

The next steps concerning SUP legislation are: 

  • Producers responsible for cleaning costs of SUP waste in municipalities in 2024 
  • Beverage containers must have attached caps as of 1.7.2024 
  • 77% of plastic bottles should be collected nationwide in 2025 
  • All PET beverage bottles must contain 25% of recycled plastic in 2025 

A new requirement regarding general guidance and communication of SUP matters takes effect in the beginning of 2023. Companies must check which packages fall under the SUP legislation. You can find more details at our website (in Finnish). 

A SUP Guide with more information regarding reporting needs can be found at Rinki Oy’s website. SUP fees are a separate fee from recycling fees, and they are reported per product group. The first year to be reported is 2023, and the report must be filed in the beginning of 2024. We will provide more details on reporting when legislation and guidelines are completed. 

SUP is a part of producer responsibility and thus also a part of the Finnish Plastics Recycling operations. We are happy to help companies steer through this new operating environment. 

For more information please contact: 

Director Peter Rasmussen ,, tel. +358 50 434 5827