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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
Almost 4.000 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

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Sumi and Uusioaines are strengthening their partnership in the recycling of glass packaging

Producer responsibility organisation for packaging Sumi Oy and processor of glass packages Uusioaines Oy are entering into a long-term partnership with the aim of increasing the collection and recycling rate of glass packaging and providing recycled raw materials to Finnish industry. In the future, Sumi will deliver all glass packaging it receives to Uusioaines, which will recycle the packagesprocessing at its plant in Forssa. 

The new long-term agreement strengthens the commitment of both parties to the development of the entire value chain of recycling glass packaging. The collaboration also involves consumer and stakeholder communications and efforts to support packaging design to increase the collection and recycling rate of glass packaging.

“Sumi and Uusioaines will continue to promote the recycling of glass packaging and the circular economy in Finland as part of a broader vision pertaining to a more sustainable future. It is our shared goal to ensure that recycled materials remain usable by Finnish industry. We want to contribute to creating and securing Finnish processing solutions and providing jobs related to the circular economy,” Managing Director of Sumi Mika Surakka says.

The goal will be achieved, for example, by favouring Finnish cost-efficient solutions. Uusioaines has also offered to supply recycled raw materials to Finnish buyers at market cost.

The recycling rate is increasing thanks to communications and packaging design

An essential element of the cooperation is increasing the recycling rate and improving the quality of collected glass packaging. The companies conduct consumer communications in cooperation to inspire consumers to increase the sorting of glass packaging. Appropriate sorting is important to minimise the amount of impurities mixed in with the glass packaging and the number of incorrectly sorted products.

“It is an amazing opportunity to be able to develop the recycling of glass packaging and the related recycling industry in the long term together with Sumi. The cooperation strengthens the availability Finnish recycled glass, thereby improving the self-sufficiency of domestic industry. It is important to involve the entire value chain of the circular economy in the reutilisation of glass materials,” Managing Director of Uusioaines Kalle Härkönen says.

Härkönen points out that recycling efficiency starts with packaging design.

“We strive to instruct and advise manufacturers and packagers to use glass packages that is well suited to recycling. We also guide terminals on the correct processing and storage of glass packaging to maintain quality throughout the entire supply chain.”

More information:

Mika Surakka, Managing Director, Sumi Oy
Tel. +358 400 197 848

Kalle Härkönen, Managing Director, Uusioaines Oy
Tel. +358 40 838 5196

Sumi Oy is a non-profit producer responsibility organisation that handles the statutory producer responsibility requirements on behalf of the member producers in an equitable and cost efficient manner. Sumi is responsible for the collection and recycling of glass, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard and wood packaging in Finland. Sumi strives to increase collection and recycling rates and the sensible reuse of packaging materials, reducing society’s carbon footprint and saving natural resources.

Uusioaines Oy is Finland’s largest processor of recycled glass. We promote the circular economy by carrying out and developing responsible glass recycling. We collect and accept waste glass, process and sell to serve as industrial raw material, and use it to manufacture FoamIt foam glass aggregate for infrastructure and building construction.