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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
Almost 4.000 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

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CEO’s review – February 2024

The year has started at quite the pace. The development projects started last year have continued this year, and we are also about to kick off new projects that develop the entire value chain of producer responsibility.  Our development projects have sparked interest among our customers as well as producers who are not yet our customers. Chemical recycling in particular is opening up entirely new opportunities for recycling plastic packaging. Some projects have started from the requests of our customers – the producers. As such, we are always happy to find ways to meet all kinds of development needs together. As a result of development projects, Sumi’s activities are expanding, which is why we need to recruit more personnel for the company.

This year, we will also make significant investments in customer management, because the law amendment has resulted in new companies, with a turnover below a million euros, signing agreements with us. We are also charting the waters for freeloaders and trying to bring them into the fold. 

In 2024, many of our old customers are faced with making a new producer responsibility transfer agreement. The “hybrid customers” which have an agreement relationship with multiple producer responsibility organisations will have to transfer the producer responsibility for packaging fully to a single producer responsibility organisation. We at Sumi are providing information about our service range openly so that producers can freely choose the best producer responsibility organisations for 2025 based on their own needs.

Sumi works to support producers, and we will continue to develop our services and operations on a wide scale. Another goal for us is to provide the most cost efficient solution in the coming years. Based on discussions with producers, recycling packaging within Finland is a significant part of producer responsibility, which is why we favour domestic recycling and processing arrangements.

I would like to remind all of our partners to use the AI-powered Sumilits on our website for answers to any questions related to producer responsibility. Many producers and operators covered by producer responsibility have unanswered questions related to the legislative changes and the ways in which they affect the producers’ operations. The Sumilits and the artificial intelligence are excellent ways of finding answers to these questions around the clock.

I would also like to urge everyone to contact Sumi’s expert staff without hesitation. We work for the benefit of producers to develop the producer responsibility field.

Mika Surakka