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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
Almost 4.000 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

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The conversation at PacTec 2024 focused on the changing legislation and the courage to invest in domestic recycling

The PacTec 2024 trade fair in March brough almost all operators in the packaging field together under one roof. The event featured interesting talks. The conversation was particularly focused around the relevant laws and regulations. The Sumi staff were able to meet packaging producers and other operators in the field, discuss domestic recycling and present the new AI tool to the excited trade fair audience.

The year for Sumi has been filled with new projects and long-term development efforts. Despite the busy day-to-day activities, the entire team was able to take part in the PacTec 2024 fair to present Sumi’s activities and latest achievements, and to talk about the latest developments in the packaging field.

“We had a lot to say and new things to communicate to the people attending the trade fair. Less than a year ago, Sumi was still called Finnish Plastics Recycling, which is why it was very important to communicate about our new name and the fact that we are now a producer responsibility organisation that covers plastic, glass, wood, metal, paper and cardboard packaging,” says Sumi’s Account Manager Janne Teliranta.

According to Teliranta, one of Sumi’s most important achievements in the past year was being approved by the supervisory authority as a producer responsibility organisation for packaging on 5 May 2023. This also dismantled the monopoly around producer responsibility for packaging. Producers can now freely choose from two options – Sumi represents domestic recycling options. Ensuring self-sufficiency for Finnish production and industry is extremely important to Sumi.

The fair also offered an extensive look on the significance of packaging and the latest possibilities and innovations in packaging technology. The audience at the fair was also keen to talk about the changing legislation and regulations – particularly about the things that the on-going and future changes will require of the infrastructure and mechanisms for producers to be able to contribute to the environmental efforts.

“Many companies will surely be required to make investments to respond to all of the future regulations. Even though the investments may feel demanding at this point, in five years they will be par for the course and good practices, which will also promote sustainable development,” Teliranta says.

The talk of Sumi CEO Mika Surakka centred around this very topic: Finland requires efficient sorting and the courage to invest in the recycling business.

One of Sumi’s hottest topics was the establishment of the Sumi Åland Ab subsidiary in Åland. The new company will handle the statutory producer responsibility for packaging producers on their request.

“Sumi always focuses on supporting the producers, which is why we are happy to respond to domestic recycling needs. We want to provide producers with services that are cost efficient and transparent,” Teliranta says.

At the fair, stakeholders were able to get to know the Sumilis, which are the face of Sumi’s AI Agent tool. The Sumilis will continue to answer questions regarding producer responsibility and are widely involved in the production and life cycle of packaging. 

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