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Packaging recycling developer in Finland

Sumi Oy is an authorized extended producer responsibility organization in Finland.
Almost 4.000 companies have made a contract with us.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1992 with 33 owner companies.

SUP-payments cover compensation to municipalities for cleaning and littering prevention

SUP-fees cover compensation to municipalities for cleaning up SUP-packaging. In addition, the fees include communication about littering prevention and administrative costs. In the waste legislation, municipalities are required to be reimbursed approximately 10,5 million euros per year for the costs of SUP-packaging between 2023–2025. Starting in 2026, the payments are based on the actual cleaning costs reported by the municipalities to the ELY-center in Pirkanmaa.

2023 SUP-fees for packages

SUP-payments are collected retrospectively in June for the previous year’s amounts. In the spring of 2023, on the order of the packaging producers’ associations RINKI carried out a preliminary survey about the quantities of SUP-packaging that the packaging producers put on the market. A pre-questionnaire was sent to 430 companies that were estimated to possibly release SUP-packages on the market. The response rate to the survey was 45 %. Based on the results of the survey, RINKI has made a preliminary estimate of the 2023 SUP-fees for SUP-packaging by product group. The final payment amounts will be decided in spring/summer 2024.


SUP-packaging product group and the estimate of 2023 SUP-fees (VAT 0%)

  • SUP-food packages €285/t
  • SUP-portion packs and wrappers €445/t
  • SUP-beverage packages €85/t
  • SUP-drinking cups, pre-filled or filled at the point of sale €1,275/t
  • Light plastic carrier bags €110/t

Cups sold empty are reported to RINKI. They will be covered by payments in 2025.

More information on the packaging notification procedure can be found at Current price lists can also be found on RINKI’s website.


The SUP-directive refers to the Single Use Plastic directive of the European Union.

The SUP-Directive applies to certain single-use products containing plastic, all plastic products made from oxo-degradable plastic and all fishing gear containing plastic.

Read more about SUP-legislation.


SUP-packaging includes certain take-away food or beverage plastic-containing single-use packaging with lids and caps, as well as plastic bags or pouches offered to pack consumers purchases.

The packaging does not have to be entirely made of plastic to fall within the scope of the directive, and there is no minimum amount defined for the amount of plastic. Thus, for example, a plastic-coated paper wrapper can be a SUP-package.

Read more about the definitions on the SUP-legislation pages.